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Regulation & BCP

Cayman Fiduciary holds a Company Managers Licence and is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Cayman Fiduciary is subject to the regulatory requirements imposed by the Companies Management Law (as revised).

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority carries out or requires the following:-
  • fit and proper testing of directors and management;
  • a comprehensive set of internal manuals and policies and procedures;
  • the maintenance of an adequate professional indemnity insurance policy;
  • access to all aspects of the business in order that a periodic regulator on-site inspection may be undertaken.

Business Continuity / Protection of Client Information
Cayman Fiduciary has a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place that covers the following critical areas:-
  • office premises located in a class A hurricane proof building;
  • offshore backup of all data and documentation to allow ongoing access in the event of any unplanned occurrence;
  • offshore email backup to allow uninterrupted communication with clients, advisors and other relevant parties;
  • rapid access to replacement system hardware when required;
  • arrangements with another financial services provider in a foreign location to allow alternative office space in the event of an unplanned business disruption.